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Services That We Offer

Services We Offer

Personal Income Tax Preparation

Here at TaxJohn, we will do everything possible to ensure you the highest return possible. Whether you have a family, dependents, or real estate, we can show you where you can have the best tax breaks for your personal tax return.

Our Tax Specialists can also do your taxes even if you are out of New Jersey.

Business Income Tax Preparation

Do you have a business and have no idea where to begin for tax preparation? Let us guide you in what is required for New Jersey Business Tax returns. We will organize your business documentation and show you how to be ready for the following year!

Book Keeping

Don't know where to start for your bookkeeping? We will guide you and show you what steps you need to take to have accurate bookkeeping so that you can have your taxes accurate for tax season

IRS Representation

Have you received letters from the IRS? Let our IRS Tax Specialists handle your IRS problems and find the best solution for you.

Small Business

Want to start a new business? Need help to incorporate?  Let our TaxJohn, set it up for you! We can take care of the registration but also guide you in your industry so you can start your new business the right way!

Non-Profit Service

Have a non-profit? Let us assist you in filing with all the proper requirements for 501C(3). We also provide Advisory services throughout the year to make sure you are in compliance. 

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